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Vampire Facelift

You will receive training in using this fast and non-surgical procedure to rejuvenate facial beauty, improve texture, & remove wrinkles.

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Stemtexx Vampire Facelift

With growing popularity amongst Hollywood’s biggest stars, a cute, colloquial reference to vampire pop-culture, and a promise of youthful looking skin without the associated downtime, it’s no surprise that the so-called ‘Vampire Facial’ has garnered significant media attention and seen a correlated spike in clientele seeking the treatment. This attention-grabbing name isn’t entirely misplaced: by using the patient’s very own blood, this procedure utilises the principles of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) to exploit the body’s healing powers.

Fundamental PRP treatment has been used for nearly 20 years to accelerate the healing of wounds and burnt skin, and has helped athletes, including tennis star Rafael Nadal, recover from injury. The cause of this procedure’s recent surge in popularity is its increased appeal to a much larger and more passionate audience: middle-aged men and women desperately looking for ways to turn back the clock. Thanks to the allure of obtaining a naturally refreshed and reinvigorated face, without the downtime, risks or foreign chemicals associated with other facial rejuvenation therapies, it has become the new go-to therapy in the beauty world.

The premise of the treatment is founded on the principles of PRP therapy: by increasing the platelet and growth factor count in the target area, new collagen production takes place. This increase in production of collagen and growth factor volume results in a more youthful, firmer and plumper-appearing skin.

Collagen cells constitute a significant proportion of our skin’s composition, and our facial expressions and movements cause these cells to become torn, stretched, and twisted. The resulting damage to the fibres that make up collagen forms wrinkles and creases. The body’s natural response to these damaged collagen cells is to increase the blood flow to this area, as our blood contains naturally occurring platelets and growth hormones, the so-called ‘repairmen’ of human bodies.

As we get older, however, our bodies are unable to completely repair damaged cells via this natural process. The result of this is that our wrinkles and creases become more pronounced and visible. The aim of the Vampire Facial is, therefore, to artificially increase the rate of healing, by exploiting our bodies’ inherent healing process.

The procedure itself is relatively straightforward, and can typically be completed in under 60 minutes. Ten to twenty millimetres of blood is extracted from a patient, before being spun in a centrifuge machine to separate the plasma from the red and white blood cells. This concentrated plasma, abundant in platelets and the associated growth factors, is now ready to be injected into the patient’s skin. Similar to the type used in anti-wrinkle injections, these injections are non-invasive and are generally not painful. They are administered directly into the target area, to achieve progressive thickening of the skin.

While there may be mild swelling and redness, symptoms are typically non-existent, and improvement of skin tone and texture is noticeable in as little as three weeks. Skin damage, such as sunburn, acne scarring, ‘crepey’ skin around the eye, neck and decolletage, lines around the eyes and mouth and uneven skin tone and texture can also be targeted and improved by the procedure.

The recommended initial dosage is three sessions, given around four weeks apart. A single session every year is then necessary for maintenance. As proven by the growing popularity of the procedure, it’s not such a bad tradeoff for regaining your youth.

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